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New Zealand is a trusted country internationally

Being from New Zealand provides a positive halo effect for software service businesses. New Zealand is a place of curiosity for many overseas businesses who are likely to say yes to meeting a Kiwi over Zoom just to hear your accent.

Of course, being a trusted country that evokes curiosity isn't enough to help sell your software service or high tech manufactured product on its own. Your software value proposition still has to be world class. Fortunately, New Zealand codes some of the best software in the world thanks to how we creatively solve a broad range of business problems by coding software solutions. 

The New Zealand Code difference in the details when you use the software from New Zealand. Our software developers get to solve a broader range of business problems domestically first, because we're a population of just 5 million people. Another unique Kiwi quirk is our software developers tend to also be customer facing so your needs don't get lost in layers of translation. Everyone knows everyone here. The third difference is many of our best software developers can choose to live anywhere in the world... and anywhere in New Zealand. So they choose a beautiful lifestyle... and while you may not be able to see it... that translates into beautiful code

Innovation comes from unexpected places.

New Zealand is that unexpected place.

The need for ‘NZ Code’

New Zealand software services growth are important to New Zealand’s diversified future with $7.9bn in export revenue, total revenue of $11.1bn and a record level of $1.1bn growth in 2019 across 21,411 companies (MBIE 2019). 

Collectively these high tech manufacturers and software service companies employ 120,350 people. Success has been found by these companies across fintech, agritech, digital media and healthcare segments. 

Exporting NZ coded software

In a Covid world of shutdown borders, our $11.3bn tourism has mostly evaporated, placing renewed importance on New Zealand supporting New Zealand based software and technology companies to grow domestically and internationally.

Export revenue generated by NZ-based technology companies jumped another 11 per cent to $8.7b last year, giving traditional offshore earners of dairy [$14.1bn] meat [$7.7bn] and forestry [$5.5bn] a run for their money. 

NZ Code Licensed Software Companies

NZ Code Licensed High Tech Manufacturers

New Zealand is a country of creativity

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Your software service or high tech manufactured product is likely to be eligible if:

  1. Your software build team is based in New Zealand. 
  2. The codebase has been developed in New Zealand. 
  3. Any overseas code has been substantially transformed into a different software service in New Zealand. 


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