Why Arcanum codes software in New Zealand

Arcanum builds AI and machine learning systems that gets business data working for business. They've built over 50 machine learning models across a broad range of industries, examining video, text and image data to identify unseeable trends that translate into better business outcomes.

Who uses Arcanum?

Arcanum's machine learning technology is applicable to a huge number of business cases; from assessing performance in sport, to yield measurement in ag-tech, all the way to shopper insights in retail. If you have data, AI can help you.

Why NZCode?

Arcanum is able to develop such a broad range of AI solutions largely because Kiwi software engineers are so flexible. "Because of our scale here...it means by default we have to be able to turn our hands to lots of different things so I think we are training really quite flexible, dynamic and fast learning software engineers which is really going to benefit New Zealand overall." Asa Cox - Arcanum.

In the Covid world, Arcanum's AI can help to reduce risk and keep us safe through data collection on physical distancing. All it takes is the connection of a video feed or uploading a video to Arcanum to help identify safer trends.

Learn more about Arcanum on A Kiwi Original

Arcanum Founder and CEO, Asa Cox was recently interviewed on A Kiwi Original, listen in to find out more about what Arcanum does and how it could help your business.

A Kiwi Original - Asa Cox | Arcanum 055

2 mins 18 secs When machine learning and AI helps to achieve business outcomes. We look at some business examples.
4 mins 31 secs Getting quality data from factory floor manufacturing machines into a data lake to extract insights.
8 mins 16 secs Getting the business side of an organisation to understand the meaningful impact that technology can have.
10 mins 23 secs Successful business use cases deploying computer vision across sports, shopping malls and even power line maintenance. 
12 mins 25 secs The 50 machine learning models for video, text and structured data. the problems they've been built for and how Arcanum's models are different from GPT-3.
14 mins 21 secs Narrow AI.15 mins 45 secs The Arcanum AI full stack team that goes from research through to support and maintenance.
17 mins 41 secs Finding the next customer.
20 mins 17 secs New Zealand's software skills and the advantage of dealing with a broader range of business problems.
23 mins 8 secs Data security, privacy and who owns the algorithm. 
27 mins 52 secs Trusting algorithms or humans?
33 mins 7 secs Why AI isn't like the movies, how it's more accessible than ever and why now's the time to start exploring it's capability for any sector.


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