Is Your NZ Code Eligible?

Three Key Criteria

Your software build team must be based in New Zealand. The codebase needs to be built and maintained in New Zealand. Any overseas code such as plugins or open source software that you rely on must be substantially transformed into a different software service in New Zealand. If you think you pass the three criteria, then you should apply. We will undertake checks to make sure you satisfy the criteria. 

1. NZCode Location Check

We will check your company details with the New Zealand Companies Office using your unique NZBN number. 

2. NZCode Service Check

For software services, we will also ask you to provide details of the service you code in New Zealand.

For high tech manufacturers, we will ask you to provide details about the software you code that your product relies on.

3. NZCode People Check

We will ask you about the software development roles of the people you employ or the details of the New Zealand based outsourced company that creates the code. 


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