The New Zealand Code Logo Advantage

Get a New Zealand Code licence for the software you code. The New Zealand Code logo can then be applied in a number of different ways:

  1. Increase trust with New Zealand businesses and customers, by displaying the 'New Zealand Code' logo on the footer of your website. 
  2. Join a group of software service businesses and high-tech manufacturers, who trade off New Zealand's growing reputation in software development globally. 
  3. Communicate trust to software buyers that your software has been built in the New Zealand regulatory environment and is compliant with regulations relevant to your industry ie: identity, privacy, security and finance.
  4. Help secure government tenders for the software services you code in New Zealand by adding the New Zealand Code logo on RFP's you want to win. 

Connecting You With New Zealand Businesses

As a 'New Zealand Code' Kiwi trademark licence holder, we will introduce you to New Zealand businesses who are also part of the Buy New Zealand Made Group. There are 1,500 businesses in the Buy New Zealand Made Group, with many in the manufacturing sector looking at ways to increase business productivity, reduce compliance burden and speed up the efficiency through digitisation. The 'New Zealand Code' brand is part of the BusinessNZ membership network representing the needs of over 35,000 New Zealand businesses. 

Bonus Marketing Benefits

By becoming a New Zealand Code licence holder, you will also be eligible for the following benefits:

  1. A featured interview on the A Kiwi Original podcast, featuring uniquely Kiwi stories contributing to New Zealand's future.
  2. A featured blog article on the site that you can use to share a featured new software service or significant software feature set upgrade!
Get Featured On A Kiwi Original Podcast

Get Featured On A Kiwi Original Podcast
Get Featured On NZCode Success Stories

Get Featured On NZCode Success Stories

Try it and see what your customers say. Simply pay the yearly licence fee to display the 'New Zealand Code' Kiwi trademark on your website. 

Check To See Whether You're Eligible

Your software service or high tech manufactured product is likely to be eligible if:

  1. Your software build team is based in New Zealand. 
  2. The codebase has been developed in New Zealand. 
  3. Any overseas code has been substantially transformed into a different software service in New Zealand. 


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