Why Parkable codes software in New Zealand

Parkable's app takes the pain out of parking for Kiwi's who want to choose from thousands of Kiwi carparks not usually available and reserve a bay in seconds. Parkable software is used by building owners to lease out the carparks on a short or long term basis and by businesses who want to make carpark sharing simple amongst employees and managers.

Who uses Parkable?

Some big New Zealand companies have also joined up to better allocate carpark resources amongst their locations, cities and people. 

Why NZCode?

Parkable chose to code their software in New Zealand because they wanted to access the deep level of skill that exist to create NZ Coded software. "From the start, all three Parkable founders had huge confidence in the talent and skill in New Zealand's tech industry. We believe that New Zealand is developing some of the best software anywhere and can successfully export it to the rest of the world, so we had no doubts about developing Parkable right here at home.'" Toby Litten - Founder Parkable. 

Parking doesn't have to suck and thankfully with NZCoded Parkable software, the world is now better utilising the carparks we already have. That's technology solving environmental problems reducing our need to create more parks by better utilising the carparks we already have.

Learn More About Parkable on A Kiwi Original

Founder Toby Litten was interviewed on the A Kiwi Original podcast recently. Listen to the Parkable episode

A Kiwi Original - Toby Litten | Parkable Episode 041

2 mins 35 secs The problem with inefficient car parking and why tickets, towing, fines and being late for meetings is impacting on city design and our way of life in a way it doesn’t need to.

4 mins 53 secs The technology that enables park sharing when their not in use either within a company or for public use.
6 mins 8 secs How Parkable works for employees for businesses like KPMG and Datacom in New Zealand and the benefits of knowing in advance when company carparking is going to be available including accessing the car parking building by your phone. 
8 mins 32 secs The moment of madness that led to Parkable being created by Toby LItten and that the opportunity was commercially big enough to get started with their team of three including a developer and a sales machine.
9 mins 55 secs Development is a core advantage for Parkable and that’s kept in-house and in New Zealand. 
10 mins 32 secs Getting approved by Apple early on and the complexities of parking allocation and creating interactions between the virtual world and the real world.
11 mins 54 secs Why offshore people are looking for best possible solution and you have to fight to win whereas in New Zealand there’s a home court advantage with a genuine desire to support local to refine and test the Parkable product. 
13 mins 33 secs Why the cost of asphalt varies throughout the world, the ROI of carparking asphalt as a utility and the trend of real estate values for carparks that’s growing faster than other forms of real estate. 
15 mins 44 secs Being first to market… and then discovering competitors in both public parking and private parking around the world. 
16 mins 40 secs Staying in front by making sure Parkable has the best product and why keeping the software development in house enables that.
17 mins 47 secs The culture of carparks at work and how Parkable has removed an estimated 2,700 carpark arguments to date!
19 mins 55 secs Why it’s all about growth in Australia in New Zealand right now while getting started in North America and China. 
20 mins 22 secs Getting started as a building manager or facilities manager.  


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