Why Modica Group codes software in New Zealand

Modica Group's tech sits behind the text message reminders you receive from your doctor, bank or airline.....and they can send a message to nearly any device on the planet. Modica manages hundreds of millions of SMS messages a year that market, engage and transact with their clients' customers, all while gathering analytics that help to make better business decisions.

Who uses Modica Group?

Modica makes it easy for lawyers, insurance companies, dentists and many more groups, communicate with their customers via SMS and gather analytics to better understand their client-base.

Why NZ Code?

Modica is able to expand globally, while still leveraging New Zealand's high quality-of-life and stability because they've built for distance from day one.

"New Zealand's biggest barrier is distance and tech doesn't have that. So day one we said geography's not going to matter to us....given that New Zealand is so small, small communities...you could go put an office in Whangarei or Kaitaia and have them work from distance." Stu Wilson - CEO Modica Group.

Modica can connect to the infrastructure of the telcos in 18 different countries across the globe, so if a business wants to start or expand, they don't need lots of expensive new tech, they just need Modica.

"We sell them our platform, they can white label it, they have all the technology instantly. So rather than having to build it themselves, they can roll out a whole new suite of services in the country in a matter of weeks." - Stu Wilson.

Learn more about Modica Group on A Kiwi Original

Owner and CEO of Modica Group Stu Wilson was recently interviewed on A Kiwi Original. Tune in to learn more about how New Zealand can overcome the tyranny of distance with software.


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