Why Blutui codes software in New Zealand

Blutui is bringing simplicity and speed back to website design and management. Creative agencies have a lot choice when it comes to creating websites for their clients, but no one integrates web management and front-end developer tools like Blutui.

Who uses Blutui?

Blutui have designed their software specifically for creative/web agencies and front-end developers who want an integrated approach. For creative agencies, Blutui ensures that all you need to create beautiful websites is a designer....and Blutui! For front-end developers, Bluitui allows you to build locally with a command-line tool, while still getting all the benefits of a cloud CMS.

Why NZCode?

Blutui leverages its Kiwi roots to tell a unique story that stands out from the global SaaS companies. "We go more towards the Kiwi side of things...tūi is in our name. There are so many SaaS businesses that are like...we are a cloud based service and we don't come from anywhere. We want to tell a bit of a story about our history and where we're from, we're still very much Kiwi run and owned. There's no reason to hide that." Charlie Cooper - Product Manager Blutui.

Blutui have also found their roots make for an interesting story at home. New Zealand companies are often tempted to make the switch when they find out a useful piece of software is made locally.

"There's a bit of technical inertia in companies who say, well why would we change, it's just too hard. But I think you can overcome that if you've got an interesting story and particularly if you talk to Kiwis who say, you're actually local and not a massive American conglomerate, they want to talk to you about it." - Charlie Cooper.

Learn more about Blutui on A Kiwi Original

Product Manger Charlie Cooper was recently interviewed on A Kiwi Original. Tune in to learn more about the growing SaaS presence in the Waikato.

2 mins 14 secs - Blutui is an integrated approach that helps web agencies with the management of the sites, makes the life of a front-end web developer easier and enables agency account managers to interface with the software all in one place.
4 mins 52 secs - The white label capabilities of BluTui to use your advertising agency brand on the platform instead of Wordpress, Squarespace or Wix.
5 mins 45 secs - The pain and suffering of deploying well known platforms instead of the freedom of deploying using web standards as a web agency. 
7 mins 6 secs - The development of the software, how it grew out of Pan Media agency and why they’ve spent four years developing the BluTui SaaS product out of the Waikato. 
8 mins 19 ses - The strategy to avoid technical debt that older frameworks incur and why BluTui has the advantage of being small and nimble and deploy new cloud technologies introduced in the last five years. AWS for hosting over Google Cloud and Azure, Google Kubernetes for managing server infrastructure en masse, stacks built on the php framework Laravel and Golang for client side scripts. 
11 mins 26 secs - The BluTui product is based on open source software and how BluTui adapting, customising and connecting them in novel ways that leverage existing open source tools. The balance of contributing to open source vs custom code that contributes to BluTui’s intellectual property. 
13 mins 46 secs - The advantages and disadvantages of being a New Zealand software company. 
18 mins 51 secs - Domestic clients versus international clients. 
20 mins 49 secs - The importance of the tui name in BluTui and why BluTui wants to tell a story about where they’re from.  
25 mins 29 secs - What makes it easier to develop in BluTui as an agency. You only need to employ front end developers that understand HTML and CSS not databases or infrastructures or servers. There is no platform specific skills required like Wordpress. 
26 mins 20 secs - The benefit of web standards to pick up talent from polytechs and universities that lowers the bar to build complicated websites with complicated data structures. 
27 mins 48 secs - The talent of software developers in New Zealand and the desire to build a SaaS empire in New Zealand.28 mins 51 secs - Charlie Coopers origin story. 
29 mins 57 secs - Advice for an aspiring software developer. 
31 mins 4 secs - Creative ways to compete against software startups in Silicon Valley.
32 mins 21 secs - A step towards a more knowledge based economy and retaining talent through Covid. 
34 mins 24 secs - The infrastructure in New Zealand and the advantage we have over the United States in Internet penetration and in speed.


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