Why UBCO Bikes manufactures and codes in New Zealand

There's a revolution going on in the Bay of Plenty. UBCO Bikes manufactures innovative, electric-driven utility motorbikes that are lighter, greener and smarter than the competition....and they do it all in New Zealand.

UBCO is bringing the future into the mainstream by combining powerful off and on-road bikes, with a suite of intelligent NZCoded software that allows fleet managers to monitor and diagnose issues from anywhere in the world.

Who uses UBCO Bikes?

Big companies have decided to jump on board with UBCO in food delivery and tourism so they can be sure about the location, condition and sustainability of their fleet. The bike's near-silent operation has also attracted hunters, who finally have a transport solution that won't alert their prey, and organisations like the Defence Force.

Why NZCode?

UBCO finds the positive, give-it-a-go culture of New Zealand business incredibly advantageous for proving concepts before they take them internationally. "It's pretty advantageous because there aren't a lot of barriers for getting things done here...it means we can say to someone internationally, you know what, we can deliver food and we've been doing it for 24 months and here are the numbers." Timothy Allan - CEO and Managing Director UBCO Bikes.

UBCO's Kiwi-ness generates great grass-roots stories, which builds trust with domestic and overseas customers. "People do tend to like New Zealand and people from New Zealand, so it adds to the credibility of the brand. It's a lot easier for us here to create a story about... the defence force or a hunter down in the East Coast using our bikes." - Timothy Allan.

Learn More About UBCO Bikes on A Kiwi Original

UBCO Bikes CEO and Managing Director Timothy Allan was recently interviewed on A Kiwi Original. Give it a listen to learn more about the electric innovation going on in the Bay of Plenty.

2 mins 18 secs Electric motorbikes.. are they competing with motorbikes, utility terrain vehicles or something else?
4 mins 6 secs The safety risks with quad bikes that's creating the need for utility electric vehicles like UBCO Bikes.
6 mins 22 secs Why storage isn't the issue when using vehicles on farm or on orchards. 
7 mins 10 secs Why the 'throttle and go' ease of use bike is becoming more important in New Zealand. 
10 mins 44 see The business case for commercial fleets of UBCO Bikes in the city with high usage, 20,000 delivery kilometres per annum.
11 mins 42 secs The integrated stack advantage with hardware, firmware and software layers built by UBCO Bikes...and what benefits that provides to fleet managers.
15 mins 13 secs The UBCO University and training service agents digitally and globally. 
17 mins 33 secs The UBCO Bike ambassadors, overlanding trips and charging the battery using PV. 19 mins 35 secs Promoting New Zealand through UBCO Bikes and the referencing to our Kiwi'ness as part of the UBCO Bike profile to add to the credibility of the brand. 
23 mins 2 secs The silence of an electric bike and the advantage that gives UBCO bike riders who are always on their bike, who are hunting and quieter city delivery drivers plus many more attributes. 
26 mins 56 secs How UBCO bike technology is enhancing safety capabilities through proactive preventative measures. 
29 mins 55 secs The hardware, firmware and software are all coded, built in New Zealand including engineering, testing, validating and R&D. 
31 mins 31 secs On the growth path towards selling tens of thousands of UBCO Bikes per annum.
35 mins 31 secs The origin story of UBCO Bikes and how Timothy Allan got started. 
39 mins 25 secs The New Zealand advantage internationally. 
42 mins 45 secs The operating system of the car and the global competition that's heating up.  
52 mins 38 secs Taking an agnostic view of the market applications for UBCO Bikes and why Timothy prefers a horizontal market approach. 
56 mins 16 secs What UBCO Bikes will need from the broad manufacturing ecosystem. 


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