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Some people like coffee, and then some people like coffee.

Kaffelogic's benchtop roasting system is for the people who live for their next coffee shot...who know that they like their coffee light with fruity undertones, or dark and bold-flavoured. With Kaffelogic, you control the entire coffee-making process, from green-bean to flat-white.

It's easy, just get your hands on some green coffee beans, pour them into the roaster and adjust Kaffelogic's default profile level based on your preferred flavour. Bam! Freshly roasted coffee.

There is also a selection of 12 default profiles that are suited to different bean-growing altitudes, and whether you want your beans ready to drink after roasting or ready after a few days rest.

Kaffelogic Studio | NZ Coded Software

But for those coffee addicts who want to take it even further, Kaffelogic have created a nifty piece of NZCoded software that lets you customise the whole process; because if no one else can create your perfect cup of coffee, Kaffelogic lets you DIY.

Kaffelogic Studio lets you adjust the temperature and fan curves of your roaster. This lets you experiment over-and-over, until you've crafted the ultimate coffee roast.

Kaffelogic Studio in action - NZ Code Software in action

NZ Code Coffee Software

NZ Code Software

Kaffelogic have also fostered a fantastic community of coffee fanatics in their forum. There you can share your roasting profiles with the Kaffelogic community and spin a yarn about all things coffee. Other contributors share their roasting profiles too, so you can download and try out a huge number of roasting methods from coffee lovers just like you.

So fellow NZCoders, it might be time to graduate from the leaky coffee machine and bland store-bought beans shunted into the corner of the office. You're all pretty smart cookies, so why not make your coffee with software that's got just as much brains as you.


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