YES Code.

Say YES to New Zealand Code. Create a Young Enterprise software business in 2021.

Your YES business might be software that solves a businesses problem, a software game that consumers might enjoy playing or an information product that people might pay to read.

Join Young Enterprise Scheme and start coding your New Zealand software in 2021. 

5 Ideas For Your YES Software Business

1. Solve a business problem. There are lots of businesses that use software that solve problems. Talk to a business about business problems they have been thinking about digitising. 

2. Automate a business process. Talk to a business about a business process that costs them time and money that they have been thinking about automating. Zapier is a good tool to get to know.

3. Create a fun game that people want to play. Learn about getting into the game development industry.

4. Help others create code for their YES projects via a code consulting business. Join CodeClub and learn more about coding.

5. Create open source code that developers around the world can use. Learn about GitHub.


Get Experience With New Zealand Code in 2021

The Young Enterprise Scheme can help you gain experience coding your first New Zealand software.

The need for ‘NZ Code’

New Zealand software services growth are important to New Zealand’s diversified future with $7.9bn in export revenue, total revenue of $11.1bn and a record level of $1.1bn growth in 2019 across 21,411 companies (MBIE 2019). 

Collectively these high tech manufacturers and software service companies employ 120,350 people and are looking to hire more talent. Success has been found by these companies across fintech, agritech, digital media and healthcare segments. 

Exporting NZ coded software

In a Covid world of shutdown borders, our $11.3bn tourism has mostly evaporated, placing renewed importance on New Zealand supporting New Zealand based software and technology companies to grow domestically and internationally.

Export revenue generated by NZ-based technology companies jumped another 11 per cent to $8.7b last year, giving traditional offshore earners of dairy [$14.1bn] meat [$7.7bn] and forestry [$5.5bn] a run for their money. 

Written Your NZ Code? You're eligible for the NZ Code badge.

Your software is likely eligible for the NZ Code badge if you are:

  1. Part of the 2021 Young Enterprise Scheme
  2. The code has been developed in New Zealand. 
  3. Any code that comes from overseas is a minor part of the overall software, or has been substantially transformed into a different software service in New Zealand. 

Request the NZCode badge for your YES software project. 


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